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Men’s Health: 7 Reasons You May Have High Cholesterol and a Low Sex Drive

Reasons You Have High Cholesterol and a Low Sex Drive

When you are looking for potential partner, you tend to focus on the physical aspect – her eyes, her smile, her body, the way she dresses and carries herself, a good sense of humor and how she talks.

For sure, the girl you are aiming for is looking for the same qualities in you, too.

When the two of you click after a number of dates, that’s the time you will discover each other’s personality and compatibility, especially in bed.

These qualities are good; however, there is one thing everyone should look into because it affects your sex life – your overall health, particularly your cholesterol count.

Fine, it may be boring to talk about high and low cholesterol, but at the end of the day, it’s about having a great sex life, too.

At this point, you may be asking, “How does high cholesterol affect your sex drive anyway?”

Here are some reasons you need to be aware of your cholesterol levels in order to keep your sex life enjoyable:

1. High Cholesterol Is More Detrimental For Men Than Women

men and women

High cholesterol can affect both men and women.

In fact, high cholesterol does not discriminate and affects both sexes.

But, did you know that you are more at risk than your ladylove?

This is according to a study conducted by experts from Norwegian University of Science and Technology involving more than 40,000 men and women.

The difference of risks among men and women are still unclear, according to the experts.

However, they believe that the female hormones, such as estrogen offer protective effects for women.

Apparently, men like you don’t have enough estrogen inside your body, which explains why you are more prone than she is.

2. High Cholesterol Equals A High Risk Of Heart Attack

Heart Attack

You already know that men and high cholesterol are two things that go together.

Do you know what follows after?

Deadly heart attacks.

Sure, women are also prone to cardiovascular diseases, especially if they are going down the unhealthy path of drinking, smoking and eating too much, and moving too little.

However, a recent Norwegian study showed that men with high cholesterol are three times more at risk of having a serious heart attack.

Later on, this could have a negative impact on your sex life and lead to performance issues.

This means you might not be able to get it up, or even if you do, you won’t be able to maintain the kind of erection needed for satisfying sex.

Therefore, make sure to make excellent lifestyle habits, such as regular exercise and a proper diet.

3. High Cholesterol Affects The Formation Of Sex Hormones

Sex Hormones

Did you know that cholesterol aids in the formation of hormones needed for proper sexual function?

It may have a bad reputation, but the good kind of cholesterol is vital in the development of sex hormones.

In fact, it spurs the creation of the hormone, testosterone, which is responsible for your sex drive and overall sexual function.

That’s not all.

Proper levels of the good cholesterol are also essential for reproduction.

This means that if you want that bun in the oven, you need to make sure that you and your ladylove’s cholesterol levels are just right.

Otherwise, you might experience some issues inside the bedroom.

4. Cholesterol Drugs Won’t Help You, Either


Having high cholesterol is bad enough, not just for your sex drive, but your overall sexual health.

Because of this, your doctor may prescribe some cholesterol medications for you in order to keep your levels at bay.

This could help lower your cholesterol levels, as well as your risks of stroke and heart attack.

But, apparently, most cholesterol-lowering drugs also bring an unwanted side effect in the bedroom: low libido.

The U.S. government funded a study in 2009 that found out people taking cholesterol-lowering drugs also experienced a decrease in their sex drives.

In fact, the quality of sex was also affected.

And this effect is even more significant in men than in women.

Not all cholesterol prescription drugs are evil, so make sure you go for the right kind.

Talk to your doctor about healthy alternatives, in case you notice a decline in your libido.

5. A Low Cholesterol Diet Is A Super-Sex Diet

Low Cholesterol Diet

Admit it.

Burgers, steaks and anything processed tastes good.

Although these type of foods offer comfort after a bad day, they can ruin your body and bring negative effects to your sex life.

This is the reason why many health advocates push people to go for a healthy and more nutritious lifestyle.

Some time in 2009, the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA tried to air a commercial during the Super Bowl that said “Vegetarians Have Better Sex.”

Although the ad was deemed racy, this was a warning for serious meat lovers.

In fact, PETA was trying to send a message to the people to consider being a vegetarian.

There is a reason why vegetarian or low cholesterol diet leads to better sex.

According to Lynn Fischer, author of “The Better Sex Diet,” most vegetarians have better blood flow down south, which is what your penis needs to make sure it is working properly.

At the same time, animal products are full of cholesterol-raising saturated fats, which is something your body doesn’t need.

However, take it easy on being a vegetarian.

Frying your vegetables is the same as eating steak once a month.

Make healthy and wise food choices.

6. High Cholesterol Can Lead To Erectile Issues

Erectile Issues

If you have been eating high cholesterol, then here is one reason why you need to stop and evaluate your food choices.

High cholesterol could make it difficult for your man down there to get up.

Or even if you can, it might be hard for him to maintain that state because there is not enough blood flowing down in the area.

Fine, erection problems are a combination of different factors such as fatigue, stress and some medications.

However, high cholesterol is also one of the major culprits as to why you can’t get your man down there to cooperate.

What Happens Down There When Your Cholesterol Levels Are High?

Too much cholesterol leads to clogged arteries.

This also means restricted blood flow, especially down there, which could make it hard for you to get it up.

Keep in mind that erections depend highly on blood flow.

When your man down south is not getting enough, then don’t expect to get it up.

7. High Cholesterol Could Affect Your Partner, Too

Affect Your Partner

Men are more prone to high cholesterol.

Still, this doesn’t mean that women can’t get it.

When they do, the results are something you don’t want to deal with.

Aside from weight gain, which would make you think twice about taking each other’s clothes off, high cholesterol in women means clogged arteries.

This could make it difficult for the blood to flow down the pelvic region and get her aroused.

This also means she won’t be wet enough down south, which could make sex a bit painful.

Even if you use lube, there is no assurance that she will get an orgasm.

In fact, pleasurable sensations are somewhat impossible, thereby making your sex life pretty dull.

Tips On How To Get Your Sex Drive Back

Tips On How To Get Your Sex Drive Back

High cholesterol equates to low sex drive and a bad sex life.

But, there is something you can do about it to reverse the effects.

Here are four simple tips to help say goodbye to high cholesterol and hello to a better sex life:

Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

eat healthy

This may sound like a broken record, but your lifestyle defines your health.

Therefore, make sure that you only lean towards the right direction.

For starters, eat healthy.

What you eat plays an important role in your cholesterol.

Aside from this, don’t forget to exercise regularly and kick unhealthy habits, such as excessive drinking and smoking.

They have nothing good to bring in your body anyway.

Consider Statin

Sexual Medicine

The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study that showed how statin improved limpness among men.

Statin blocks the production of cholesterol in your liver and helps reabsorb the cholesterol in the plaques and artery wall.

As a result, it improves heart function, boosts blood flow down there and improves erectile function.

Just make sure you are using the right kind and amount.

Watch Your Weight

Watch Your Weight

Being cute and cuddly at five is okay.

But, when you reach the puberty stage and you still belong on the heavy side even when you reach manhood, you’ll have a problem.

Being overweight reduces your good cholesterol, thereby affecting not just your sex life, but also your overall health, too.

Therefore, make sure your weight is on the right track, which is why it is important to stick to healthy lifestyle choices.

Schedule Annual Checkup

Annual Checkup

You feel fine, strong and healthy.

Still, this doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong going inside your body.

Make it a habit to schedule an annual physical check up to make sure that you are doing well.

At the same time, this could check possible diseases or illnesses and allow you to do something about while still in its early stage.

High cholesterol is no laughing matter.

If you notice any changes in your sex life, make sure to make that trip to the doctor to solve any issues.

Keep in mind that when you are healthy, your body responds well to any kind of situation, including what needs to be done inside the bedroom.

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