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The Dos and Don’ts of How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed

how to satisfy woman do's and don't

Sex is an art and one has to master it to attain excellence.

It is essential that your girl is as involved in making love as you are, and both of you must enjoy it mutually.

How would you know if your woman is truly pleased with you sexually?

This could definitely get a little tricky, because some women are hard to understand, and their sexuality is even harder for men to figure out.

In this article, you can learn about some interesting ways to satisfy a woman in bed.

Perhaps you can apply these tips and tricks the next time you’re set for some intense lovemaking.

The sex is bound to be better than it has ever been before.

Unravel some bedroom mysteries to find out what you should and should not do, to make the woman in your life crave for more sex from you. 

Are you finding this interesting?

If so, keep reading to learn much more about what women really want in the bedroom.

Let’s get to the good things first. Find out how to please a woman sexually.

1. How to Satisfy a Woman Before Bed: Shower Her with Compliments

compliment your woman

Satisfying women in bed is not that difficult.

Take slow steps.

Girls love to be praised for not only their looks or bodies, but their little efforts, too.

You can see this as an opportunity to impress her and spend quality time with her in bed, but make sure your compliments are genuine.

Girls can catch you easily when you are insincere.

Here are some little things you can do that will get you big results:

Leave Little Notes or Write a Letter For Her.

Yes, girls love surprises and love to be appreciated, more than anything else.

While she is busy looking after your home and kids, she might feel that you hardly notice her efforts.

Take time out from your busy schedule and write little notes or a letter for her, mentioning how thankful you are for having her in your life.

Tell her how good the sex was last night and what you enjoyed the most.

Do this and you’ll find her more willing to get into bed with you, because she’ll feel a stronger connection to you.

If You Want to Sexually Satisfy a Woman, Tell Her She is Beautiful.

Your woman may be fat or skinny, young or old, but remember however she is, she is yours and she is beautiful.

Tell her subtle things about her that you notice.

For example, tell her she looks like a baby when she sleeps with her mouth open or that she looks prettier than your favorite celebrity when she wears that little black dress.

Let her know how you notice everything about her and how much you love her for who she is.

Don’t Forget to Say “I Love You,” Often.

In between an argument, if you feel you’ve had enough, just tell her, “I love you.”

You will see how magically it calms her down all of a sudden. Tell her how much you love her regularly.

This will keep your relationship alive. Make her feel loved with this small little gesture every day.

Also appreciate her during lovemaking and let her know about your love for her and how you appreciate everything little thing that she does.

2. Make Satisfying a Woman in Bed Easy: Be Loyal to Her

be loyal to your woman

Nothing is worse than a partner who cheats.

Let your woman never suspect you or catch you with some other woman in a compromising position.

Remember that only one girl is enough for you. Always be open to her and treat her like your best friend.

Loyalty is sexy, after all.

To satisfy a woman sexually, ensure that she trusts you. If your woman doesn’t trust you, there’s no question of arousal or love.

It will be useless.

You do not want to scare your lady.

Build trust for yourself.

She will submit her body to you wholeheartedly and the whole lovemaking act will be worth it.

3. How to Please a Woman in Bed: Get Cuddly with Your Girl

cuddle her in bed

Women tend to love foreplay and romance, and sex is not the only thing they want from you.

They love to be cuddled by you, as this makes them feel connected and wanted.

Men, however, are eager to jump into the “action,” and feel that foreplay is nothing but a waste of time, but guess what?

Foreplay is the key to pleasing a woman in bed. Give your lady what she wants.

Cuddle and get a little mushy with her.

It will definitely arouse her and make her last longer in bed.

Ask Her About Her Fantasies and About What Turns Her On.

Women like to feel they’re wanted and that their opinion matters.

If you’re ready to give her what she wants, she’ll return the favor to you.

Talk to her while stroking her hair and ask her what she likes and wants from you.

Let her feel that she is valued.

Do What You Love and She’ll Notice.

If you’re only indulging in quick foreplay to reach intercourse faster, rest assured that your girl has understood your plan.

It will only take longer for her to get moved by you.

So go slowly, discover her body, stroke her behind, kiss her calves, give in to some love-biting games, kiss her passionately and you’ll surely leave her satisfied.

4. How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed Every Time: Get Naughty and Talk Dirty

dirty talk on bed

Don’t go totally off the track, by the way; make her arouse with your sweet, yet naughty talk.

Tell her how you want to undress her slowly, kiss every inch of her body, caress her gentle parts and finally go deep down.

Keep a close look on her reaction and make sure she is comfortable.

There’s no need to go overboard.

Remember that you have to arouse the woman and not yourself.

These tips on how to please a woman in bed will surely do the trick.

5. All About How to Please a Woman Sexually: Set Her Mood Right

set her mood right for sex

Sometimes, all it takes to get your lady in the mood is a little more ambiance and attention to detail, such as:

Let the Lights and Music Do Some of the Work For You.

Dim the lights or light scented candles in your bedroom to surprise her and set the right mood for romance.

You could also play some soft music or her favorite song on the player. Better yet, you could sing it.

Your actions will do all the talking.

Give Her a Light Massage.

After all the hard work that she does throughout the day, she definitely deserves some care and a relaxing massage.

Also massaging her body will make her feel how much you want to touch her body and love doing it, and the fact that it helps to make her feel relaxed just adds extra points to the equation.

6. A Super Sizzling Tip on How to Satisfy Women: Undress Her Slowly

The way you undress her can also reveal what your intentions are; for example, if you do it faster, she could have the feeling that it’s just sex, and no foreplay for today.

So it’s always advisable to go slow.

Undo the buttons slowly, stroke your hands over her body, open her shirt, then unhook her bra, grab her breasts and indulge in some breasts-playing time.

Move over to her pants and take off her underwear wildly. Get in your wildest mood, and so will she.

7. Satisfying a Woman Sexually: Be the Leader of the Bedroom

be leader in bedroom

Forget those feminist talks for a while; they don’t apply in the bedroom.

There, women want you to take the lead and be dominant over them. They love to be pampered, after all.

Work on new ideas and make the first move; touch her here and there, grab her hand and make her touch you, lick her on her weak spots like the nape of her neck, as well as her ears, back and breasts.

Take charge of the lovemaking process, be creative and have fun – and you’ll leave her asking for more.

8. Pleasing Your Lady: Tempt and Tease to Build Up Her Anticipation

tempt tease her to build up

Make your woman anticipate what she is about to experience with you in bed.

Dress appropriately and be well-groomed.

A neat-looking man with sexy clothes is enough to turn her on.

She’ll appreciate your efforts and love you even more.

Also, simply having a towel around your waist after a shower can make her erotic.

Next, just kiss her.

She will understand what you want from her and may be ready for the same, too.

9. How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed: Oral Sex Never Fails

oral sex in bed

You should learn the art of oral sex to please a woman in bed.

Girls love to receive oral pleasure from their men.

Go down on her and take your time down south until she is ecstatic.

Hitting the G-spot is never easy.

Explore her body slowly and gradually. Take your time.

Try The “Figure-8” Formula.

You’ve got to reach her hyper-sensitive clitoris to excite her the most.

So, when you’re down there, try the figure-8 tongue technique around her clitoris to arouse her.

Gently move your tongue and its tip, left and right, then up and down, like you would draw the figure 8 and continue with varying pressure, until she gets euphoric and then work your fingers there, to fully turn her on.

Don’t Ignore The Labia.

The vertical lips are not just there to hide her vagina, but thanks to their nerve endings, they can help to excite your girl, too.

Hold the labia with your thumb and forefinger and gently stroke it up and down or sideways or use your palm to gently rub her labia together.

Try Doggy-style at Its Best.

Instead of her palms, make her lower her body with the use of her elbows, and then gently thrust your penis inside her, from the back.

Increase your strokes in a rhythmic pattern gradually and do it faster. This is the best way to touch and stimulate her G-spot, if she likes it.

10. Want to Satisfy Women in Bed Totally: Never Forget Her Breasts

satisfy her breasts

You should play with those two breasts before and during lovemaking, to satisfy a woman sexually.

Make your tongue and hands run like mad over her breasts.

Even while you’re inside her, do not forget to grab her breasts and play with her nipples.

Squeeze them mildly and you could also try to bite them, if your woman loves this.

If you are unsure how to play with her breasts and fondle her lovingly, ask her what she likes.

Find the right time to talk about what each of you likes in bed.

You can also watch her reaction while in the bedroom to see if she likes what you are doing, too.

11. Sexual Satisfaction for You Both Means Being Creative in Bed

be creative in bed bdsm submissive

Ladies in bed love it when their man adopts a creative and wild sexual attitude.

Your woman will love it when you show a bit of aggression in bed. Most of them like to be submissive while you take charge.

Be sure to avoid overdoing it, and always ask permission and share a “stop” word or gesture.

Some women like it when you hold their hair tight, spank a little, grab their lips to passionately kiss them, or even being tied up in bed and held “hostage.”

Women love the idea of surrendering themselves to men whom they can trust their bodies with.

Experiment with her.

Some roughness will definitely sweep her off her feet.

Handle the woman with your power and boldness, to give her the ultimate sexual pleasure.

12. How to Pleasure a Gorgeous Lady: Make Her Orgasm

make her orgasm

The woman’s mind is her biggest erogenous zone.

The rest just follows.

You could compliment her or pass a comment to her, which would make her feel how much you want and desire her.

You could tell her “I’ve wanted to get you in my arms, caress you and love you, as soon as I saw you wearing that black dress.”

That will surely turn her on.

Your woman might not only orgasm with intercourse.

Many women don’t, and that’s okay.

So, don’t forget to give her frequent clitoral stimulation, while penetrating her from the back.

This is the sizzling way on how to satisfy a woman in bed.

13. Keep It Interesting and Let Your Imagination Run Wild

kinky sex imagination

Are you wondering how to please women in bed? Here are even more ideas to spice things up tonight:

Get a Little Kinky.

Variety is the spice of life, so try out different things.

Spread chocolate sauce over her body and lick it off with.

Take ice cubes and move them over her nipples.

Blindfold her and touch her where she loves it the most.

Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water and light scented candles all around it, to enhance her mood.

Take a romantic shower together.

Watch some erotic material together.

How to satisfy a woman in bed can also involve looking at sexy pdf images, movies and YouTube videos.

Give Her a Lift.

Take her in your arms and kiss her passionately, or let her legs wrap around you and just hug her tight and kiss her again.

Push her against the wall and touch her all over.

It will surely get her excited before she even reaches the bed.

Have a Quickie.

The missionary position is definitely a favorite, but only indulging in that one position can lead to boredom.

Give her a quickie in your car by reclining the front seat or jumping into the back seat, as long as you know you won’t get caught.

Grab her from behind when she is busy cooking. Indulge in some good steamy sex when it is not expected.

If your woman isn’t all that experienced in lovemaking, she also learn tips on how to satisfy a man in bed.

Be sure to lead her gently, make suggestions lovingly and tell her when she’s got it right.

14. How to Be a Lion in Bed: Make it a Priority to Take Care of Yourself

take care of yourself for sex

Neither of you wants sex to end too soon.

In addition, you can enjoy making love to your lady when you run out of energy too soon and become fatigued.

Here are some sexy tips to help you be a lion in the bedroom:

Give yourself a hand regularly

Masturbate on a regular basis.

This will help you learn how to delay a climax, even if you have sex after a long period of time.

Get to know your body so you can spend more time getting to know hers.

Control your ejaculations

Watch porn or imagine naughty scenarios when you masturbate, but just when you feel an ejaculation is not far, start to think about something that’s completely different.

Practice control, and soon you’ll master it.

Consult your doctor, when necessary

Though you may find it embarrassing to talk about your sexual troubles, you should just accept yourself.

If you ejaculate faster than normal, this may be due to a physical problem that doctors can treat with medicine or therapy.

You may also want to explore natural male enhancement pills.


Having those six-pack abs will surely work for you.

Exercise regularly or burn calories at the gym.

Staying fit will increase your body’s blood flow supply and keep you energetic during the act.

Even if you face a climax too soon, you’ll be ready again for a second time.

Focus on doing more Kegel exercises that strengthen your pelvic muscles: these are quite essential for a steamy lovemaking and long-lasting sex scene.


Wearing a condom helps to numb your private parts.

Avoid the ultrathin ones and find a suitable condom that will make you last longer.

Breath Control

Your ejaculation also depends on your breathing pattern.

When you’re on the verge of ejaculating, try to breathe differently.

Try to breathe out through your mouth in a controlled state, while you’re making love to her.


Give yourself some pleasure and masturbate right before you’re ready to enjoy the night with your partner.

You’ll be able to hold yourself back better.


It’s okay to be excited about having sex, but over- excitement and adrenaline can kill your arousal.

So, it is advisable to control your emotions.


Your partner will understand and accept you better, if you tell her about your problems.

After all, you do not do it willingly. It will also save you from facing frustration.

Talk to each other about your feelings.

Female sexuality isn’t that hard to comprehend.

You just have to be a pro at discovering the woman and her sensitive parts.

The next tips are all about what not to do to keep a lady sexually satisfied in bed.

15. Don’t Look for That One Spot Only

explore all over her body

There is no doubt that she wants clitoral stimulation, but don’t just keep aiming for her G-spot.

Explore her whole body, even the non-sexual parts.

Stroke and pull her hair, if she loves that, bite her, kiss every cell of her body.

Get involved in the whole act and don’t just keep aiming for that one thing.

If you give her what she wants, she will not forget to satisfy her man in bed too, though that’s a little easier.

16. Don’t Make Sex Monotonous

The same positions every day could make her easily bored.

She wants variety, just like you do.

Take her to bed when she least expects it.

A surprising lovemaking session will never go wrong.

Try out new positions, look for new locations and do it at a different time.

She will definitely find them sexually satisfying.

17. Don’t Be Too Talkative

don't be talkative during sex

There is no doubt that asking her about her fantasies is fine and that whispering sweet-nothings in her ears is acceptable, but excessive talking will only take her attention away from the act to.

Let her focus.

This goes the other way round, too.

Do not let her blabber a lot.

If necessary, silence her by kissing her passionately.

She’ll love that even more.

Also, keep your dirty talk easy and personal, and don’t use cliché lines that could instantly ruin her mood.

18. Don’t Judge Her Outside the Bedroom for What She is Inside

don't judge her inside

Women are often tired being the gentle lady in bed, but they fear being misinterpreted by their men, when being too vocal or voicing how they want it to be done.

Most women want their men to get wild in bed and indulge in a variety of things.

They also want them to act like they’ve met for the first time, and try all new things and talk dirty.

They do not mind being a little slutty in front of their men, inside their bedrooms.

However, they definitely do not want to be treated that way in public.

19. Don’t Rush Things

don't rush things in bed

The speed of your act proves to be a factor for your woman to be satisfied in the bedroom.

Though women sometimes love quickies, they do not always want them.

They want more foreplay and romance, so trying to finish the act too quickly can make her feel that you’re being uncaring and unromantic.

Go slowly, explore each other’s bodies and give each other oral pleasure before jumping into ‘the act’.

To learn how to seduce women is not rocket science, boys.

Just browse through these quick tips and read them again and again, to get the knack of how to make your lady last longer in bed.

Make her feel loved and owned and you’ll be halfway there.

If you give her what she desires, you’ll get your fair share back, too.

You don’t have to exhaust yourself by burning the midnight oil to master how to satisfy a woman in bed. It’s not that difficult.

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