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Sex Positions That Will Blow Her Mind

10 Must-Do Sex Positions That Will Blow Her Mind

You know how getting her off can sometimes be a feat, and finding her G-spot can be a really challenging treasure hunt? Don’t blame your size, your length or her hormones. Don’t get her wrong – sex is just as amazing to you as it is to her. But stimulating her to orgasm may sometimes be a feat because her trigger is in there, somewhere, and you just need to hit it right. Continue reading

Mindblowing Morning Wake Up Sex Tips

10 Mindblowing Morning Wake Up Sex Tips

Waking up each morning next to the woman you love is a great way to start your day. You cuddle and whisper sweet words to each other before you start another day and you share your body heat to fight the early morning chill. Women love cuddles as much as men love to get a hard on every morning. But there’s a far better way to spend your mornings in bed.

Continue reading

Secrets She's Not Telling You

10 Dirty Sex Secrets She’s Not Telling You

Everyone has secrets. Secrets are normal in every living human being. There are secrets used as a lie, even secrets used to protect or dirty little secrets that we are too shy to admit. There is nothing wrong with having a secret, unless it’s something dangerous or cataclysmic. Even the most honest people have secrets of their own. Yes, even the closest and the long term couples have them, too. Continue reading

12 Social Graces for Strip Club Fun

12 Social Graces for Strip Club Fun

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “strip club”? Naked women? Strippers? Some rich dudes who are willing to pay women to have sex with them? Whatever it is, one thing is for sure: these people still deserve respect. Continue reading