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7 Womanly Reasons You Don't Feel So Manly Anymore

7 Womanly Reasons You Don’t Feel So Manly Anymore

Did you know that a woman’s body depends on testosterone, and your body highly depends on estrogen? Apparently, claims that say testosterone is for men, while estrogen is for women are not true. In fact, a man and a woman’s body both needs these hormones – and more.

13 Abnormal Facts About the Normal Male Physique

13 Abnormal Facts About the Normal Male Physique

When you look at men, you picture a sperm-driven, egotistical creature that only cares about drinking, abs, women and sex. You’re not mistaken. Don’t feel offended, but men, in general, are weird creatures. Men may not be as complicated as women are, but underneath the physique is a gift waiting for its discovery.

Painful Problems of Pleasuring Yourself

Men and Masturbation: 15 Painful Problems of Pleasuring Yourself

Masturbation or jerking off or jacking off – whatever you want to call it – is the act of pleasuring yourself to orgasm using either your hands, or sex toys that can give you the sensation you aim for down there. Masturbation is narcissism in action. Why? You aim to please yourself through yourself and you don’t stop until you reach the brink of pleasure. It sounds good if you put it that way, doesn’t it?