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How to Improve Your Husband Wife Relationship in Bed

How to Improve Your Husband Wife Relationship in Bed

Here is something most couples know about marriage: it is hard work. As you go through the years, you will meet tons of bumps and potholes that will change the way you look at your spouse. You might even lost the spark of the years past and made you think why you married him in the first place.

marriageHowever, marriage doesn’t have to be that away. It is a lifelong commitment. It is about working together to improve not just your husband and wife relationship in bed but also your relationship in general. The question now is how do you get the fireworks back?

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Men's Health: 6 Reasons Kegels Aren't Just for Women

Men’s Health: 6 Reasons Kegels Aren’t Just for Women

A famous doctor named Dr. Kegel develop special exercises to provide many benefits to women in the pelvic area, and in the sexual department. Apparently, medical research has proven that this type of exercise also has benefits for men, too. When medical conditions lead to some men having a hard time controlling their bladders, this could just be their ticket to stay away from those embarrassing situations. Continue reading