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9 Secrets behind the Prostate Orgasm for Men

When it comes to sexual pleasure, the art of male prostate orgasm or prostate milking is, hands down, the way to ultimate male orgasm.

If you have not experienced one, you are missing out on the good stuff!

Luckily for you, you have come to the right place.

In this article, you are going to find out what prostate orgasm is all about and how you can unleash the powerful male g-spot orgasms induced by prostate stimulation.

Prostate Orgasm: A Different Kind of Sex


Men achieve orgasm together or followed by an ejaculation during sex or masturbation through penile stimulation.

What you do not know is that you might achieve orgasm, called prostate orgasm, by stimulating or massaging your prostate gland.

The prostate is partly responsible for your sexual response.

It releases a nourishing fluid that goes with the sperm and the fluid from the seminal vesicles that make up the semen for ejaculation.

During the release of the fluid, the prostate gland contracts to give you a pleasurable sensation similar to an orgasm, but it can last longer than a normal orgasm.

The prostate is a small-sized gland located between your penis and bladder and in front of the rectum.

To perform prostate massage, you have to insert a device into the anus that can reach the rectum to feel the prostate.

Once the device reaches a few inches through the anus, gently feel the prostate and stroke the top part downwards.

You can use a finger but most times, a finger is too short to reach the top of the prostate, which makes it inefficient in achieving the best results.

During the orgasm, your prostate will release fluid through the urethra, but it will not necessarily ejaculate through your penis.

The Surprising Benefits of Prostate Milking

Prostate milking is another term for prostate massage, but no matter what you call it, it appears to have the following benefits:

  • Prostate massage may help patients who suffer from prostate disorders and pain in the prostate.

  • It might also help keep the glands healthy because stimulation can increase blood flow in the area.

  • An increased blood flow means increased oxygen and nutrient for the prostate gland.

  • Some studies show that flushing out your prostate may help improve your sexual health and can help increase your seminal volume.

A lot of men perform prostate massage, prostate milking as they call it, purely for pleasure.

They do it with the assistance of a partner and or with a device.

They also do it to intensify orgasms experienced during sex or masturbation and to be able to experience multiple orgasms.

Some men might worry that trying a prostate orgasm makes them gay because of the anal penetration, but experts say how you enjoy sex does not determine your sexual orientation.

It is determined by who you are attracted to.

Penile Stimulation and Prostate Orgasms: What’s the Difference?

penile stimulation erection

This is a common question men ask, but it remains to be answered and explained clearly.

Both are an orgasm that brings pleasurable sensations.

Orgasms through penile stimulation usually come with ejaculation.

There is a release of fluid during prostate orgasm, but not necessarily an ejaculation of semen.

During prostate massage you may or may not get a penile erection.

When it comes to pleasure, some men admit they experience more powerful and lasting orgasms through prostate stimulation.

This may not be true for everyone, though.

What You Need to Know Before You Proceed

Speak with your doctor prior to trying a prostate orgasm if you have any specific health concerns related to your prostate.

Go for a yearly checkup – especially if you are over 30.

Injury can also result from prostate massage if you:

  • Have long or rough fingernails.

  • If you insert a toy or your fingers too forcefully.

  • If you apply too strong of a force when stroking the prostate.

The Secrets of Successful Prostate Milking
Some men say that a prostate orgasm is much more pleasurable than a normal orgasm.

Many tried doing the prostate massage orgasm.

Some experienced intense pleasure, while others did not.

Remember to speak with your doctor before doing this.

If he or she gives you the green light, the following tips may give you a highly pleasurable prostate orgasm…

1. Educate Your Partner First.

educate partner

If this is the first time you are doing a prostate massage and with a partner, it is best to educate your partner about prostate stimulated orgasms first.

Explain why you are doing it and how to do it.

Prostate play may be new for your partner too, and they may not be comfortable with the idea of inserting their fingers into the anal.

Doing it with their consent and understanding will make it a positive experience, not just for you but your partner, as well.

If you are doing it solo, choosing the right device is essential to achieving maximum prostate pleasure.

One of the most commonly used anal plugs is the Aneros, prostate massager.

It is a small device, over three inches long, with a bulbous head and shaped like a slightly curved finger.

You can use it safely alone because it has a curved handle at the bottom that clings outside your anus and perineum.

Some men may do it alone with their finger or fingers, but some men complain that it is exhausting for them and they cannot enjoy the whole experience.

This is the reason why some men prefer to use anal plugs like Aneros.

Another thing, use of anal plugs and sex toys is not only necessary when you are doing it solo.

Your partner can use them on you too once they are familiar with the location of your prostate gland.

2. Clean Your Anal Passage.

There are two reasons why you should clean your rectum before performing a prostate massage.

First, to make sure nothing nasty comes out during the anal play, which could put you and your partner off.

Second, there is a risk of tearing of the rectal wall during penetration and anal stimulation that could lead to infection.

Yes, it is a dirty place that needs cleaning before using.

The best way to clean your rectum is through douching by using an enema.

A douche is a device consists of a hose attached to a pump with a nozzle on the other end.

To perform douching, do these:

  • Clean the douche with soap and water and rinse it thoroughly before using.

  • Fill the pump with clean water. Make sure it is lukewarm and not cold or hot. A reminder, avoid using soap because it can cause irritation.

  • Lubricate your anal canal and the hose and nozzle.

  • Insert the nozzle and hose into your anus slowly.

  • Squeeze the pump to release the water inside the anus. Stop and observe your body’s reaction to the water before squeezing again.

  • Remove the hose and empty the water in your rectum as though you are emptying your bowels.

  • Repeat the process until there are no signs of impurities and filth in the water or enema.

Perform douching 45 minutes before anal penetration.

To avoid injuries, never forget to lubricate your anal sphincter and the hose before inserting it.

3. Prepare What You Need.

paper towels

To make sure there is no interruption and delays that can ruin your experience, get everything you need within reach.

Paper towels, rubber gloves, lubricant and your butt plug.

Make sure your butt plug is clean or your partner’s nail trimmed.

The last thing you want after your intense experience is an infection.

Rubber gloves are necessary if your partner does not want to poke their finger inside your anus unprotected.

4. Lubricate Generously.

lubricate generously

Your anus, unlike the vagina, is not meant for penetration, so be sure to apply a generous amount of lubricant on your anus and your anal plug.

Keep applying lube throughout the whole process.

There are many lube brands to choose from, so looking for one should not be a problem.

5. Warm Up.

sex foreplay partner

Foreplay is important in every sexual intercourse.

It gets you in the mood, and it conditions your mind, especially if the prostate play is new to you.

Let your partner touch and kiss you.

Guide them to your sensitive areas.

Arousal during foreplay can also indirectly help you locate your prostate, so take your time.

6. Locate Your Target.

locate prostate gland

Your prostate gland is the male counterpart of the women’s G-spot.

Being able to locate it could bring immense and out-of-this-world pleasure.

However, it is obviously difficult to locate something you cannot see but do not despair.

With a few tricks, locating your prostate gland is possible.

If you are doing it with your partner, instruct them to insert a finger or two into your anus a few inches through.

They should be able to feel a tiny-sized ball in the rectal wall facing your abdomen.

It is easier to locate your prostate when aroused, because it swells.

If you are using an anal plug, you should be able to feel something when its bulbous head hits your prostate.

If you feel something, do not push the plug further inside.

7. Stoke and Stroke Some More.

stroke prostate massage

After locating the prostate, locate the top part and start stroking downward and up like doing a “come here” motion.

The direction of the strokes should be towards the abdomen or side to side.

Repeat the strokes gently and slowly to avoid scratching your rectal wall and putting too much pressure on your prostate.

You can perform prostate milking in different positions.

Some of the top positions include:

  • Bending over a table, counter top or chair.

  • Lying on your back with your legs lifted up.

  • Lying on your side.

  • Being on all fours, hands and knees.

You can do prostate milking in any position you can think of.

These are only some of the top positions that give the best pleasure, according to other men.

This website is a good reference as it comes with a visual aid of prostate milking.

Go and help yourself.

8. Kegels Make Your Orgasms Last Longer.


Here is another trick to make sure you get the best out of the experience.

You may have heard or read about the PC or pubococcygeus muscles somewhere.

Strengthening these muscles will not only improve blood flow to your penis but can intensify and prolong orgasm from prostate massage.

To strengthen your PC muscles, simply squeeze your butt cheeks and the muscles around your anus like holding your gas.

You can do it every day, anytime and anywhere.

The stronger your PC muscles are, the longer your orgasms last.

But, if you want to skip the hassle and still want a more intense and longer orgasm, try VigRX Plus, which is clinically shown to increase sexual and intercourse satisfaction by 71.43%.

Read more about it here.

9. External Prostate Massage Orgasm Can Work, Too.

prostate massage

Not all men are into anal penetration.

If anal penetration is not your thing and will never be your thing, you can try external prostate milking or massage orgasm.


Just follow these steps:

  • Locate your perineum or the spot between your anus and your scrotum.

  • Rub gently to find the hollow spot on the perineum.

  • Massage the spot and apply just enough force, not too soft and not too hard that it becomes painful.

  • Continue massaging until you reach orgasm.

Doing it the first time may not give you the best orgasm, but as you go along, you may be able to perfect this method.

External prostate milking might give you an intense orgasm if you do it correctly.

It also has less risk of injuries and infection since it does not require an anal invasion.

Before you get into thinking what is so secret about these steps, they aren’t secrets, but the secret to doing prostate orgasm massage right.

A lot of men are into prostate orgasm because it feels amazing, but not every one of them is doing it right.

Do it successfully with these nine secret steps today.

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