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Effects Of Pornography: 17 Reasons Why Porn Is Bad


Pornography; some call it art, others call it recreation.

They may be right, but like everything else, too much of anything is not good.

In this case, too much pornography is bad for your sex life.

That’s right.

If you are watching porn to turn you on for sex, it actually does the opposite of it for you in the long term.

The reality is that porn drills down on your subconscious as you unknowingly watch what you consider as art or recreation or well, a stimulator, if you may.

Watching porn may be good if done once or a couple of times – just to see what it is or to get some sex tips.

But if you watch pornography on a regular basis and make it a source of all your sex moves and pleasure, that is not good.

Watching porn can have negative implications on your overall sex life.

It can affect your sex drive, your social skills and your mentality towards sex as an intimate act between two lovers.

There are a lot more ways that porn can breakdown your sex life.

In fact, here are 12 reasons why too much porn can be terrible for your sex life:

1. For Starters, Porn Will Use Up Your Energy

gives you these ideas

The act of watching pornography has one objective.

That is to turn you on and make you want to pleasure yourself sometime during or after watching.

Porn stimulates your thoughts and gives you these ideas of how to bring yourself to orgasmic pleasure.

To put it simply, porn will make you masturbate.

Let’s just say porn will turn you on and make you want to have sex a lot.

While the idea sounds tempting, you know that ejaculating more than once every day can wear you out.

It’s basically a chain reaction.

That is why watching too much porn will use up your energy.

2. Unrealistic Expectations Towards Sex

unrealistic sex expectations

Have you seen a porn video lately?

You might have, and you probably noticed how unbelievably big these men’s nuclear reactor penises are.

To add to that, they can last an hour without having to pause for a breath.

It’s kind of impossible to think that you can do that, too.

You could have the stamina for it, but you can be sure you’ll blow your load somewhere in the middle of that hour.

Why can men in porn do it and you can’t?

Two words: film making.

Do you really think someone can last that long?

This is what the media and pornography does to your brain.

It gives you unrealistic expectations towards sex and your capabilities, which will eventually make you frustrated about yourself.

3. Comparison Of Partners

compare sexy partner

Women in porn are always hot.

Well, hot in your point of view.

Pornography today has a variety of categories that best suits your taste.

But overall and whatever your taste it, porn has something to offer.

You just got to have the right access.

The thing is that women are supposed to be hot in porn films.

It’s their body that they are showing, after all.

That means you are expected to appreciate that body.

Appreciation is good, but it all goes downhill when you start to compare the women in porn versus your sex partner.

With this, you will never be satisfied with the partners that you will have.

This can come from watching too many unrealistic porn films.

4. Porn Kills The Intimacy Of Sex

porn role play

So, may be porn has stories and some sort of role playing in them, but you should know that these are played by really good actors and actresses who can fake their pleasure.

Other than that, porn also objectifies sex as something that can be done with anyone or anything.

The result? It kills the intimacy that you are supposed to feel during sex and replaces it with pure lust.

The thing is that sex is supposed to be shared between two people who are in love, or at least attracted to each other.

This is where most of the pleasure emanates.

If there is no mutual attraction, the intimacy just dies with it.

5. Porn Makes Sex Unsatisfying

unsatisfying sex

If your partner is not as expressive as the one that you see in your porn collection, then you might find it unsatisfying and that’s just the beginning of it.

Porn is created to give men and women the imagination and trigger their adventurous sides, but when overdone, it will lead you to asking, “What more is there that I can do or I can have?”

The result is you will always look for something more, even if everything is already given.

You will no longer feel satisfied with a simple vanilla love-making, and this may even frustrate you.

6. Porn Is A Trigger For Sex Addiction

porn sex addiction

There’s a reason why sex is called love-making.

It’s because you do it with the person you love, or at least the person you are sexually attracted to.

When you watch too much porn, it triggers a part of your brain that thinks it should have sex often or all the time.

It’s called sex addiction.

When you have a sex addiction, you will no longer care who or what you do it with, as long as you get to have sex, and lots of it.

The more sex you have, the less you will enjoy it.

Satisfaction is impossible to achieve with a sex addiction.

This is actually a serious condition and if you have it, you will need to get the help of an experienced professional.

7. Porn Can Decrease Your Self-Confidence

sexy body girl

First of all, porn is fake sex.

Unless it’s one of those sex scandals that go viral in the internet, everything about a porn film is scripted from the first scene to the last.

But if you notice, and if you compare, porn films have stars that have ridiculously awesome bodies and impossibly large tools on them.

These hot secretaries and feisty teachers are paid to be sexy, and to have cosmetic surgery, too.

Now take all that and put it in your reality.

You would think: I will never get a body like that.

I will never get a penis as big as that.

Well, you are not supposed to, because these people make their living by having these bodies.

There goes your self-confidence.

8. Porn Can Download Viruses On Your Computer Or Phone

computer virus malware

The internet is a vast space of knowledge and of deception, too.

The scary thing about it is that these deceptions are made by our fellow humans, also.

That means they know what makes you tick, what would be the common interest of the general male population and what could catch your attention, and especially, what makes you have click on that link.

You’d be surprised that by the next day, your phone or computer won’t turn on anymore.

It’s because the porn film that you downloaded had a virus and practically killed your computer.

9. Porn Could Make You Lazy

unwashed dirty dishes

A lot of negative things can happen to your personal life and personality if you watch porn a lot.

One is that you will become lazy.

It’s because you end up bumming around in your room or in your house, not doing anything else, but fill your sexual fantasies with these porn flicks that you watch one after the other.

The end result?

Unwashed dishes, a dirty bedroom and a messy home.

10. Porn May Drop Your Testosterone Levels

Drop Your Testosterone Levels

At first it may feel like you are at the hype of your sex life.

Your testosterone levels could increase because of all the orgasm that you are getting.

But then, as what frequent ejaculation tends to do to your reproductive system, your testosterone level might start dropping.

This is because the testosterone production cannot compensate for the frequent ejaculations that you will have.

If it can’t catch up, eventually your testosterone could be affected.

Not good.

11. From Real Sex To Masturbation


Here’s what happens.

You stay in your room and watch porn all day instead of going out and increasing your chances to meet a woman that you can spend time with.

Watching porn all day?

You see the equation here?

With the zero chance of meeting a woman, you end up masturbating and pleasuring yourself alone.

While that scenario is not sad enough, you are also depleting your chances to have actual sex with a woman if you hole yourself up in your room all day and watch those porn films.

12. Porn Can Lead to Performance Issues

low sexual performance

Before you react and say that this is ridiculous, just know that a study has been conducted on men who watch porn frequently and men who watch it once in a while.

No surprise here, men who watch porn regularly have higher risks of erectile problems than those who seldom watch.

While the two are not directly correlated, it is traced back to the idea that if you watch porn, you end up masturbating and ejaculating.

Too much masturbation can eventually lead to erectile problems.

13. Porn Can Make You Injure Your Partner Unconsciously

sex positions injury

You have to admit, the sex positions and techniques in foreplay that some porn stars do are bordering crazy, really.

Also, they have these crazy sex positions that can hurt your backs.

Watching these things over and over will make you think that it’s okay to treat your partner that way.

It’s okay to slap her because it’s giving her pleasure.

You mistakenly think that you could carry her on your arms to have sex.

Unless you are a bodybuilder, it is likely that you may drop her in the middle of the act or even worse, hurt your manhood down there as she falls.

14. It Makes You Objectify Women

porn objectify women

Let’s get one thing straight.

Women and men deserve equal respect for each other.

When you watch porn, although you don’t think it does, it makes you start to objectify women as some sort of tool just to give you pleasure.

That’s just wrong.

Men and women make love to give and take love.

That’s the simplest of the equations in love-making.

Watching porn destroys your respect for women even if you do not know it.

15. Porn Will Make Sex Boring

boring sex

You have endless choices of what to watch in the porn industry.

It’s business after all, and they need to keep the business going by keeping things interesting.

When they get your full attention, you will be gradually pulled toward them until you will find it hard to get out – until the idea of plain and simple sex is becomes mundane, boring and uneventful.

16. You Can Become A Sex Maniac

sex maniac rape

The difference between a sex addict and a sex maniac is that sex addicts just want to have sex a lot.

Sex maniacs will want to have sex with anyone or anything, whether with will or forcefully.

This is where rape cases spring from.

When you watch porn, you get ideas and when you don’t get these ideas to work, you can get to a point when you will have to force other people – whether women or children – to do them for you just for pleasure.

17. In The End, Porn Takes Away Your Control Over Your Orgasms

porn affects orgasms

If none of the above scares you enough, then maybe this will.

If you think that watching porn and masturbating will teach you to have full control of your orgasms, then you are wrong.

It is actually the other way around.

It will make you freakishly unable to control your ejaculations.

This is because when watching porn and masturbating, you get your immediate pleasure when you want it, instead of delayed gratification and all the work that you have to do when you have normal, real sex.


find a partner

Porn is everywhere these days.

It is easily accessible to anyone who has a digital device and an internet connection.

So you could say that it’s kind of hard to avoid it altogether.

But cards are right there on the table.

Would you really rather just watch someone else do it through a digital screen than going out and fulfilling your fantasies yourself?

It’s simple.

Find yourself a partner and make her the object of your fantasy.

That would be way, way better than just holing up in your room and watching marathon porn films that you know might never even happen to you in real life.

It’s much healthier for you, too.

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