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10 Naughty Sex Games To Spice Up Your Night

top tips for fun and naughty nights

Sex is fun, period.

At the same time, it gives you a different kind of pleasure and sensations that no other activities can give you.

While there are favorites inside the bedroom, it won’t hurt if you add a little spice to it from time to time.

After all, oral sex – missionary – doggy style – girl on top routine can be boring, dull and predictable.

Worse, it makes sex a boring routine and far less exciting.

Fine, love, trust and honesty are great in any relationship.

However, you still need sex and intimacy to keep it alive.

If you are one of the many couples who are looking for an exciting way to spice up your sex life, you are in the right place.

Check out these 10 things you can do for fun and naughty nights – and see an improvement in your sex life.

You’re welcome… 🙂

1. Strip Pong

Strip Pong ping pong balls

If you are familiar with beer pong and have had some fun with it, then you will love strip pong.

The mechanics are easy.

Get your plastic cups and ping pong balls ready.

Then, set up your dining table like a beer pong table, sans the beer.

Arrange the cups in a triangle or diamond shape in the middle of the table.

Stand at one side of the table while your girl stands on the other.

Then, take turns throwing a ping-pong ball in the cup.

When someone scores, the other person must take off a piece of clothing.

Whoever lands a ball in six cups wins and gets a sexual request of their choice.

However, you could only do in your house when there’s only the two of you.

If your room is spacious enough to accommodate a big table, then you could do it there.

Don’t forget to lock the door, just in case your mom decides to surprise you.

2. How Well Do You Know Me?

sex game how well do you know me?

Here’s the deal.

There are still small details you don’t know about your girl, and vice versa, despite being together for years. 

If you want to test how much you know about each other, then this game is for you.

Let’s call it, “How well do you know me?”

Ask your girl to lie down in the bed – naked.

Then stand as far away from her as possible.

Your girl will ask questions about herself, which could range from her favorite food to her favorite position in bed.

Try to make it as sexy and a bit personal as possible.

Every time you answer correctly, you take one-step forward.

However, if you answered it wrong, take a step backward until you reach her. 

The anticipation and idea of your girl naked in the bed despite being on arm’s length will surely keep things exciting.

3. The Blindfold

Blindfold sex game

There is a reason why Christian Grey has a blindfold in his playroom.

Aside from keeping things seductive, having a blindfold – or a scarf or your necktie, in case you don’t have one – on hand makes things exciting inside the bedroom.

What can you do with a blindfold?

The answer is simple.

A lot.

Start by blindfolding your girl and leading her on your way to the bedroom or wherever you plan to have sex.

Then, ravish her slowly and passionately.

Slowly take off her clothes in a teasing manner.

If she prefers to be a bit rough, then do so.

The important thing is take note of her body language and you will know what to do.

Blindfold is a great way to increase her psychological vulnerability and sensitivity.

Plus, the idea of using her senses and not seeing what you are doing adds up to her excitement.

Go ahead and try it.

4. Seven Minutes In Heaven

sex game seven minutes in heaven

Can you still remember those days when you played spin the bottle with your friends while in the basement?

Back then, you probably secretly wished you could get those seven minutes with your crush, hoping to get past first base. 

If you don’t play it, then at least think of the young Jennifer Garner in the movie, 13 Going on 30, except you’re a dude.

That is the purpose of this game.

The difference is that this time, things are about to get dirtier and sexier.

Set the timer for seven minutes, cozy up in the coat closet together and go for a quickie.

Having a timer creates a sense of urgency while the tiny cramped space gives you a feeling that you are doing something forbidden and you’re afraid to be caught.

Now, that is hot.

5. The Sexy Questions

Sexy Questions sex game

Aside from “How much do you know me?” game, here is another simple, but sensual game that will surely help you and your girl get to know each more.

Say hello to the sexy questions game.

The mechanics are easy.

Cuddle up next to each other before going to sleep.

Kiss each other passionately or make out, whichever works for you.

In between the kisses, ask each other 20 sexy questions.

It could be anything from favorite part of the body to favorite positions in bed to your favorite sex and even dirty secrets.

This will get you pumped up and make you so much in the mood, that the next thing you know, you are tearing each other’s clothes apart.

6. Hide And Seek

Did you play hide and seek when you were younger?

If yes, then this gives a twist to a favorite 90’s game.

Instead of you hiding and her seeking, you will hide sex toys or any seductive items all over your place for her to find. 

It could be a vibrator, cuffs, lube or s flavored condom – you name it.

The point is be creative as you can in choosing the toys you want to hide.

Once she finds whatever toy you hid, make sure to use it on each other before moving on to the next.

If she found the vibrator, give her some oral first then she could proceed on the next toy.

Now, that is hide and seek on a different, but sexier level.

7. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirror On The Wall

Don’t worry.

Snow White is not involved in this game.

However, you will need to mirror each other, which means you have to do whatever she is doing.

To do this, sit in front of each other, naked.

Then touch, lick, caress and kiss areas of her body and have her do the same acts simultaneously.

Both of you should be able to do the exact same things and mirror the movements as closely as possible, hence the game mirror, mirror on the wall. 

This game could be a fun way to explore each other’s body.

At the same time, this is great way to tell each other what turns you on so go ahead and play it.

8. Play erotic

play erotic sex game

Way before Fifty Shade shit the theaters and became a worldwide book and movie phenomenon, there was such a thing called erotic novels or stories.

These stories are more vivid and elaborate in describing every act in the story. 

To keep things exciting inside the bedroom, bring out those copies of erotic novels you’ve been hiding on top of your closet.

Choose a certain scene, assign a character, act out and read to each other whatever it is written in the story.

Make sure to be in character and play your respective parts properly.

If the scene calls for touching certain body parts, kissing and fondling, then you have to do it, too.

The point is you have to play the character well, as if the author based the story on your experience.

This could be fun, don’t you think?

9. The Base Game

the base game for sex

Do you love the game of baseball, or at least watch it?

Then you know that there terms called first base, second base, third base and home run.

Put that into play while watching a baseball game.

To play this game, you and your girl should pick a team to root for.

Let’s say you’re team A and she goes for team B.

When team A scores, your girl should do something sexy corresponding to the base the player is on and vice versa.

For instance, your team was able to land first base, so she has to kiss you in her own seductive way.

If her team lands on the third base, then you have to give her an oral.

You will surely look at baseball on a different level after this game.

10. Kinky Cards

kinky cards sex game

The good news is, you don’t have to make or buy this one.

Simple find a deck of cards and assign a sexy meaning for every diamond, heart, spade and club.

Then the number on the card represents the number of seconds you should do each act. 

Say you assigned hearts with kissing.

Your girl got 10 hearts.

Then she is supposed to give you a kiss for 10 seconds.

Or you assigned diamonds with oral sex, and she got five diamonds.

Give her some five-second mouth action down there.

You get the picture.

Now It’s Your Turn…

spice up sex life bedroom

Naughty games are a fun way to add spice and life inside the bedroom.

Are you ready to get your sex life back in a fun and interesting way?

Use your imagination and get busy.

Start with any one of these games that you find most exciting.

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