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Sex Stamina Foods: 22 Foods That Boost Your Male Sex Drive

sex stamina food

There’s a variety of natural sex stamina foods that pack a good punch for things downstairs, and could have you randy and feeling fine with a little help from your pantry.

These foods contain substances that increase blood flow, boost energy levels and balance sex hormones.

The question now is what foods and other things could help you inside the bedroom?

Here is your ultimate sexy food guide that will may help you in the sex department:

1. Try Some Tongkat Ali

If you are using male enhancement pills, then you will notice that there is always a staple ingredient in most, if not all brands.

This is Tongkat Ali.

A native of Southeast Asia, Tongkat Ali is a powerful herb and a commonly used natural male aphrodisiac.

It’s used to boost sexual prowess and may increase your testosterone levels for more jump in your stride.

For centuries, men have used Tongkat Ali to climax longer and with more intensity.

Tongkat Ali is also one of the most researched herbs with proven health and sexual benefits.

2. Go For Maca Root

maca root

This herb shares the place with Tongkat Ali when it comes to boosting your man down south. 

Centuries ago, Incans use maca root to stimulate sexual desire, boost a man’s energy and vigor inside the bedroom, and promote the balance of hormones.

Fast forward to today, and there was a study published in the Asian Journal of Andrology that showed men who took maca root, or maca, reported an increase in sperm count, sperm motility and seminal volume.

This also helped improve a man’s sexual desire. 

This is also the reason why maca is a favorite ingredient in many male enhancement pills.

3. Open Up to Oysters


This one is a classic.

Every time you find an article about aphrodisiacs, this shellfish will always be part of the list.

For starters, oysters have a long history of promoting potency and passion inside the bedroom.

That silky feeling of something sliding down your throat could bring the sexy back inside the bedroom, which explains why it is a favorite since time immemorial.

That’s not all.

Oysters are rich in zinc, an essential mineral scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels.

Aside from regulating sexual hormones, zinc also boosts semen production, which is something you can work with in case you want that little one.

4. Cure Your Chocolate Cravings

Dark Chocolate

Just like oysters, chocolate will always have a place in the list of natural aphrodisiacs. 

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine and anandamide, two compounds that release the feel good hormones triggered by physical exertion and sex. 

Cocoa, which is where chocolate comes from, has methylxanthines, which makes your skin more sensitive to erotic touch.

In fact, U.S. and Canadian researchers recently found out that chocolates stimulate pleasure portions in your brain, the same ones that respond to cocaine.

However, some think that the aphrodisiac effect of chocolates is all in the mind and has little effect down there.

Still, it wouldn’t hurt, don’t you think?

After all, it’s a perennial favorite during special occasions.

Just make sure you go for the dark variety, not the light milk chocolate, because it has more cacao.

Also, keep the portions small to keep the aphrodisiac effects intact.

5. Sip Some Luscious Red Wine

red wine

Who wouldn’t love a glass of red wine at the end of a tiring day?

Aside from keeping you relaxed, this drink increases your desire, without decreasing your ability down south.

According to a study published in the Nutrition Journal, red wine has a compound called quercetin, which increases testosterone levels and has a positive effect on your sexual health.

While red wine is beneficial, not just for your health, but also down south.

But this doesn’t mean you need to finish the entire bottle.

Stick to a glass or two, and your man down there will surely reward you.

6. Crunch On Some Celery


Celery is delicious when chilled and sprinkled with a bit of salt.

The crunch is a healthy substitute for greasy potato chips or fries, too. 

It’s also good when you stuff it with peanut butter or a natural cheese spread.

But believe it or not, this crisp veggie has great things in store for your man down south.

Celery has high amounts of magnesium, zinc, vitamin E and potassium, which boosts your semen volume, and increases your sexual potency.

Arginine is also one of its main components, which is known for increasing blood flow in your genitals.

This means stronger and longer erections

The next time you go to the grocery store, make sure to get this versatile vegetable.

Your man will love it, too.

7. Ask For Asparagus


Although delicious, asparagus is more than just wrapping it with bacon, and frying it in olive oil.

Did you know that asparagus could do wonders in your area down there?

Asparagus may form the shape of phallus, but this food is rich in asparagine, a known diuretic that increases urinary activity.

It also has essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus, which boosts sexual desire.

You can bake it, microwave it, sauté it and stir fry it, too.

Add it to soups, salads, and even smoothies.

Wrap it around scallops and bake it.

Just make sure you don’t cook the asparagus too long in order to enjoy its taste.

8. Grab A Handful Of Almonds


How often do you eat nuts?

Nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, and pecans are excellent food sources that keep your weight at bay.

However, when it comes to matters inside the bedroom, almonds are you best bet.

The ancient Chinese, Arabs, and Indians ate almonds to boost their sexual prowess.

They also contains essential vitamins and nutrients such as protein, vitamin B12, and calcium, which have a positive effect down there.

Even Ayurveda, or the traditional Indian medicine mentions that almonds are a great food for the brain and helps awaken your sexual desire.

If you are into aphrodisiacs, then eating almonds is a good place to start.

9. Believe It or Not: Cobra Blood


Before you cringe, take note that drinking cobra blood has been a practice for thousands of years.

In fact and up to this day, the Cantonese drink cobra blood for supreme male potency.

If you are interested in trying cobra blood, the Chinese and Vietnamese are still selling tonics in the streets.

Make sure to buy one during your trip to any of these countries and see the effects yourself.

You can either drink it raw and straight, or mix it with alcohol in case you’re not fond of the taste and smell.

What can you say?


10. Watermelon Is Not Just For Summer


You may associate watermelon with summer and thirst quencher during hot days.

However, watermelon is more than just a red fruit during summertime.

Most grocery stores and produce markets sell it year-round now.

It turns out that this tropical fruit has citrulline, a nutrient, which helps relaxes your blood vessels to facilitate better blood flow.

According to Texas A&M researchers, this nutrient also works the same as Viagra.

However, researchers are still not sure as to how much you should eat to stimulate a sexual appetite.

To be sure, try eating a few pieces of this delicious fruit.

You can add it to smoothies or use it in a fruit salad, too.

It is good for your health, too.

11. Raw Honey For Your Honey

raw honey

You have to love the bees for giving humans the best things in the world, including honey. 

Honey is one of the most commonly used foods because of its positive effect on one’s sex life.

It is a re-generator of sexual energy.

It is best when you mix it with other aphrodisiac foods, such as nuts and eggs, for the ultimate turn-on dish.

Just make sure you go for the raw and natural honey.

Most honey products you find in the grocery store are commercially produced, which were stripped off their essential nutrients.

Buy local honey for the best health benefits.

Local bees produce honey with protective properties against local bacteria and viruses.

12. Chew On Some Artichokes


Did you know that this food has exceptional value in French cuisine?

It is not because of the taste but its effect down there.

French believe that artichokes warm up your genitals, which is something you can benefit from in case the situation calls for it.

Try stuffing it with marinated shrimp for the ultimate sensual dish.

This will surely impress your girl and at the same time, turn her on.

13. Get The Help Of An Avocado


Aside from banana, avocado is also among the favorite penis jokes because of its testicle look-alike shape and its literal meaning.

Even if it resembles a man’s testicles, avocado is rich in non-essential fatty acids, which helps your body produce enough testosterone hormones.

Avocadoes are also rich in potassium, vitamin A, and protein, which gives your sex drive a boost.

Avocado is available year-round in many grocery stores and markets.

It is easy to add this into your daily diet.

You can spread it on toast or sandwiches, or make guacamole with it.

Mix it with other aphrodisiac foods such as banana and almonds to make the most out of them.

14. Berries

Berries such as Acai berries may help guys with erection issues.

In particular, these berries are rich in compounds called antioxidants which appear to maintain the health of nerves and blood vessels and prevent their damaged by free radicals.

Blood flow is essential to maintain a sustained erection and therefore these berries might help promote this.

In addition, they are also rich in vitamins and other components that might benefit the integrity of blood vessels.

15. Fish

salmon fish

Oily fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

A number of different studies have demonstrated the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids on maintaining the health of the heart and blood vessels.

It is known to combat issues that can lead to erection problems.

While there are no clear guidelines on how much oily fish needs to be consumed to promote male enhancement, at least 2 to 3 portions a week is often sufficient.

16. Bananas

Bananas are a good source of minerals such as potassium.

Potassium is essential for the conduction of nerve impulses and contraction and relaxation of blood vessels.

It is well known that low potassium can cause excessive muscle fatigue and can also affect heart function. 

Bananas and the potassium they provide may benefit the nerves in and the blood flow to your ticker.

17. Snails and shellfish


Snails have recently become a delicacy.

Interestingly, snails are rich in minerals such as zinc which act as strong antioxidants that may promote sexual health.

Zinc may also promote sperm health.

Shellfish are also rich in protein in addition to these minerals and may help regulate optimal blood flow by promoting health of the blood vessels.

18. Cabbage


Cabbage is a rich in vitamins C, beta-carotene, potassium and phytochemicals.

These might all combat free radicals and assist with good blood flow to the penis.

By doing so, it may be an excellent addition to your natural male enhancement diet.

19. Nuts


Without referring to them metaphorically, nuts such as almonds are rich in essential fatty acids that might help promote the synthesis of testosterone.

This indirectly could have an impact on male libido related sex drive.

In addition to this, they also contain minerals such as zinc and amino acids that help promote blood flow and muscle function.

20. Garlic


Garlic is a commonly used food in cooking.

It is rich in a compound called Allicin that might help improve circulation to the penis.

It also has a number of different health benefits that can enhance energy levels.

21. Figs


Figs are rich in amino acids, a good source of natural male enlargement food, which may promote sexual health.

22. Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

This plant extract is believed to increase libido by promoting blood circulation to the penis.


sex food shopping

It is clear that there are different kinds of sex stamina foods that are naturally available that can be efficient male enhancers.

However, it is important to remember that consuming only one type of these foods is often not sufficient.

Combination of these natural male enhancement foods as a part of a healthy diet is important to both.

Are you ready to go grocery shopping?

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