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10 Stupid Things Not To Say During Sex For Men

10 Stupid Things Not To Say

Sex is just like getting drunk.

Your hormones are raging, your mind is all over the place, adrenaline is pumping, you can’t think straight and your urges are more dominant.

Hence, you shouldn’t be held responsible for whatever you say inside the bedroom, right?

After all, you are “under the influence,” where it is easier to say whatever comes to your mind without even thinking.

Some things are forgivable and you can just let it pass and laugh about it later.

However, you or your girl might blurt out something during the act that could have serious repercussions.

You can’t get it back because for the other person, it could mean something, which is often not nice or could spell awkwardness.

Keep your lips sealed.

Here are 10 things you should not say during sex, or even make-out sessions with your girl.

1. “I Love You” For The First Time

I love You

There is no issue if you are boyfriend-girlfriend or husband and wife.

You say it all the time, so there is no harm there.

If you just met the girl and had sex for the first time, then this could be disaster.

For sure, you mean no harm and you just blurted it out of spontaneity.

Sadly, you’ll like a crazy, psycho person for falling in love with someone you just met.

This is also the same with dating someone for a few times but haven’t gotten serious with yet, so be careful.

What You Can Do: Stay away from these three powerful words as much as
you can.

If you feel the need to say them aloud, then do your best to prevent it from happening.

To keep you distracted, the best you can do is to moan, give approving sounds and call her baby.

That’s safe and less awkward.

If you must say it, tell her later over a romantic dinner.

2. “My Ex And I Used To Do This.”

all women are different

Three things – first, all women are different.

They have their own preferences that may not work with you and some of your interests may be a big turn off for them.

Second, it breeds insecurity.

Talking about exes is an indirect way of saying she’s not good enough, since she can’t satisfy you in bed.

Third, you are clearly not yet over your former love.

There is little room for new love too, and women will feel like they are just a rebound relationship.

What You Can Do: Take control.

If you don’t like what she is doing, guide her with the things you want in bed, and then let her have her turn afterwards.

A woman will feel threatened and jealous with your past, which they may or may not know.

Stay away from your memories with your exes and just focus on the here and now.

They are called your ex for a reason, so move on.

3. Saying The Wrong Name


Can you remember that scene in Season Two of Glee where Sam and Quinn were making out and he blurted out Coach Beiste’s name?

Has this happened to you at least once in your life?

Embarrassing, right?

No harm intended there but this could be a big turn off on women.

In fact, if you want to put an end to sex, then call her by a wrong name and she will surely walk out the door.

What You Can Do: Calling a girl with a different name from hers is disrespectful and rude.

It also shows that you are only interested with sex, since you don’t even bother remembering her name.

In case that happens, apologize quickly, but sincerely.

Don’t force her to have sex with you after saying you’re sorry.

The better option is don’t say any name if you are not sure what it is.

Less talk, less mistakes, so they say.

It minimizes boo-boo moments, as well.

4. “Don’t Do That” Or “What Are You Doing?”

do this instead

You already know that every woman is different.

This follows that every woman has her own strategy on how to have sex and make it pleasurable.

Apparently, you have your own pleasure list, which your partner may not be interested in doing.

This could make you say, “Don’t do that and do this instead,” which can be embarrassing for the girl.

What You Can Do: Say it in a nice way.

Constructive criticism is okay.

How you say it is what makes things different, which could affect her performance in bed.

Be nice.

She might not like what you are doing as well, and she just chose to be quiet and just wait for the sex to end.

5. “Thanks.”


If you are being a real jerk, then this word will surely get her off the mood and stop seeing you for good.

No woman wants to feel that you used her for sex and apparently, saying thank you after is the ultimate proof of that.

Yes, you are simply being nice but in a woman’s dictionary, saying “Thanks” after the action is part of the turn off list.

What You Can Do: Save the thank you for other people and not to her, at least when it comes to sex.

Regardless if you are paying someone for sex or not, just tell her you had fun and enjoyed the experience.

If you are willing to see her again, then go ahead and say that.

That will make you sound more gentleman and sincere than thanking her for her job well done – in bed.

6. “Oops, The Condom Broke.”


Telling your girl that the condom broke after the humping session is a big no-no.

It doesn’t matter if you are joking or serious, as well.

It is a perfect recipe for panic attacks, and at the same time, no woman wants a pregnancy scare, especially with someone she has just started a relationship with, after all.

What You Can Do: Don’t say it, especially when you only mean this as a joke.

Otherwise, don’t go in there unless you are sure.

You can feel if the condom break, so pay attention to changes in sensations.

Don’t just squirt inside her, unless you want to be a dad anytime soon.

7. “Are They Real?”


Plastic surgery and the quest for bigger boobs is a common thing these days.

Thanks to technology, it might be difficult to determine if a woman’s boobs are fake or not.

A woman is not afraid to say that her boobs are fake and will even tell you about it.

Can you imagine if her boobs are real and you asked about it?

What You Can Do: Keep your lips sealed and simply enjoy the view.

If you think she had breast implant surgery, then so what?

Don’t bring it up, especially when she didn’t say anything about it.

Real or not, those are still boobs that add pleasure to your entire sexual experience.

8. “I Have To Leave After.”

I Have To Leave After

You have an important early morning meeting the following day.

However, your sex drive is all over the place and you need to get laid. Now.

You saw this gorgeous girl in the bar, had some chitchat, and went straight to your place to finish what you started.

Then you went and said this line.

Fine, you only need an hour to finish the job for you and your girl to enjoy it.

However, it screams “I only want your sex” all over the place.

Plus, it shows that you just want to get off, and nothing else.

What You Can Do: If you really need to be somewhere, then be somewhere and don’t have sex.

If you have to do something important, then finish that task first before you think of your libido.

This way, there are lesser distractions and at the same time, you won’t say any of the two below.

9. “Are You Done?”

her orgasm

Here’s the truth: your or her orgasm does not define how good or bad sex was.

Even if she didn’t come, that doesn’t mean she didn’t enjoy it.

Asking her if she is done only puts added pressure on her.

At the same time, her focus is on orgasm itself, since you constantly bug her if she’s coming anytime soon.

Hence, she ends up not liking sex instead of focusing on the deed and enjoying every second of it.

What You Can Do: Don’t treat orgasm as an end goal.

Every woman wants a good time in bed, regardless if she will come or not.

Just give her the best sexual experience, fulfill her fantasies and orgasm only comes as a bonus.

10 “Let’s Get It Over With.”

extend sex for at least an hour

Can you remember the scene in Sex and the City where Miranda was having sex with Steve in a missionary position?

When he wanted to get it going, Miranda blurted out “Let’s get it over with.”

Isn’t that upsetting?

Quickies may be fun because of the spontaneity factor; however, if you rarely find time to extend sex for at least an hour, then this could be a real problem.

What You Can Do: If you can’t prolong sex, then don’t have sex.

Rushing things inside the bedroom is an excellent libido killer.

Unless you are in a marathon and the quickest couple who had orgasm will be declared the winner, then quit rushing.

It’s not sexy.

Most rules on good manners are thrown out of the bedroom.

Still, this doesn’t give you an excuse to say whatever you want.

Take note of these 10 stupid things and make sure it is not part of your sex talk list, unless you want to end up alone and sexless.

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