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13 Strategies to Handle High Blood Pressure and Low Libido

13 Strategies to Handle High Blood Pressure and Low Libido

If high blood pressure is a person, it would be public enemy number one.

It limits everything you do – from food to activities, both indoors and outdoors.

If high blood pressure was a person, it would most probably be public enemy number one by now.

High blood pressure is a reality that most men and women face today.

The worse thing is that this condition is mostly brought about by lifestyle choices – and sprinkle in a little hereditary tendencies, too.

As if high blood pressure is not bad enough for your overall health, this condition apparently also affects your libido.

That’s right – high blood pressure can kill your sex drive.

What a sad, sad notion.

But like most medical cases and well, it can also be considered a business strategy, you don’t put your focus on increasing what has decreased.

Rather, you want to find out what is causing the decrease and address the cause.

Is that simple enough?

Here’s a simpler explanation – the strategy is not to increase your libido, that should already be a given.

To prevent or cure the decrease in sex drive, you address the cause, which in this case is the high blood pressure condition.

Here are 13 strategies to handle high blood pressure and increase your libido again:

1. Live Healthy

living a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s the big secret to fighting off high blood pressure: live healthy.

Not so big is it?

That’s right.

It’s because high blood pressure cases – majority of them – are caused by lifestyle choices. 

Sure, there are some hereditary cases but these do not surface unless you trigger them.

That means high blood pressure is something that you can definitely control.

You can do that by living a healthy lifestyle.

2. Maintain A Nutritious Diet

Maintain A Nutritious Diet

Your diet is the most important key to living healthy.

You are what you eat and all that cliché.

But it is truer than anything else about your health.

When you eat, you ingest whatever is in your food to your blood stream, to your systems.

That means your systems’ functions depend totally on what you fuel them with. 

If you have a healthy and nutritious diet, your systems and your blood will be fully functional and healthy, too.

That is one of the best way to fend off high blood pressure and other life-changing diseases.

3. Keep Your Weight In Check

Keep Your Weight In Check

Your weight is an important factor in fighting off high blood pressure.

To add to that, your weight also matters to your sex drive.

Psychologically, if you are overweight, this would greatly affect your self-confidence during lovemaking.

Physically, overweight people have more fat in their systems than people with normal weight.

As it is, your weight is a basis of your health.

Being overweight does not mean you overload on health.

Be careful and make sure you watch your weight, because this is a big source of health problems.

4. Avoid Too Much Salt


If you noticed, when you were diagnosed of hypertension, one of the things that your doctor told you was to avoid salt.

Salt has long been associated – or disassociated, if you may – with high blood pressure.

Too much salt in the blood chemistry can lead to blood pressure problems leading to hypertension.

The equation is simple.

If you avoid salt or foods with too much sodium in them, you are preventing the risks of a hypertensive attack.

It also lowers the probability of you getting high blood pressure often, which means a healthier sex life for you.

5. Exercise


Exercise has always been known as a good way to keep your body healthy.

For one, exercise helps greatly in regulating your blood flow and making sure that your blood pumps in an acceptable and normal manner.

A well-exercised and well-oiled blood flow can prevent high blood pressure.

At the same time, exercise can improve your strength and stamina.

You know what that means?

You get to last longer in bed, be stronger to take on new sex adventures and you will not have to worry about not feeling well afterwards because of your blood pressure.

6. Go Walking Regularly


Walking is one good way to exercise your heart, which directly affects your blood flow and the pressure.

That’s why it’s called a cardio exercise.

Regular walking can promote healthier blood flow and prevent high blood pressure or hypertensive attacks.

This can make you healthier.

Walking can also make your feet and legs stronger, which can be very useful – depending on your imagination – to your sexual escapades.

So instead of riding a taxi or your car to go somewhere close by, try walking sometimes, as long as the heat of the sun is not too much.

It’s healthy and you get to enjoy your surroundings, too.

7. Work Less, Stress Less

triggered by stress

A hypertension attack can be triggered by stress, too.

When you stress out over something, your blood pressure shoots up, which can cause a high blood pressure attack.

Men with hypertension are always advised to relax and take things with ease.

They are advised to keep away from stressful tasks that could either be body stress or mental stress.

It would be best for you and your blood pressure to minimize on your workload.

If you are the type of working person that gets piled up with work every day, you might want to ask your boss to cut back because of your condition.

This is something you can control.

Remember, your health and your sex life are on the line.

8. Minimize Your Alcohol Intake


Alcohol has always been bad – especially when taken too much or too often.

Alcohol intake for hypertensive patients is just an invite for an attack.

Although this does not mean you have to stop drinking alcohol altogether.

You can still do some socializing and drinking, but you should learn to control yourself.

9. No Smoking

No Smoking

Okay, just to be clear – smoking is bad, even for the non-hypertensive men.

Smoking kills sperm cells, which can leave you impotent.

Just so we put that on the table: smoking is never good for you.

And smoking is even worse for men with high blood pressure conditions.

When you smoke, it constricts your heart, which can greatly affect your blood flow and blood pressure.

If the blood flow gets altered, the blood pressure will rise leading to a hypertensive case.

If you smoke regularly, you are causing a fluctuation in your blood pressure, which can lead to serious medical conditions and yes, it will kill your sex life.

Stop smoking.

That’s all there is to it.

10. Say Yes To Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Here’s something that you might like to hear – eat more dark chocolate.

High blood pressure does not cut you off from all the good things, after all.

Dark chocolate has antioxidants and minerals that can help keep the blood clean and healthy, and it can help regulate the blood flow.

A healthy blood flow is what you need for a healthy libido because, as you may know, an erection is caused by blood flow to the penis, so eat dark chocolate.

11. Take Your Maintenance Meds Religiously

Take Your Maintenance Meds Religiously

When you were diagnosed with hypertension, you were most probably given medications for maintenance, or if you have high blood pressure attacks.

If your doctor prescribed it to you, you should follow accordingly and religiously.

The fact is that you live with hypertension now and you can only do so much to prevent it from getting worse.

So, it is important that you take your meds correctly.

12. Relax And Cut The Stress


Blood pressure rises when the body is too stressed or too tired.

This is because your blood is trying to cope with the oxygen that your body needs.

To prevent hypertensive attacks or if your blood pressure suddenly rises, the first thing that you should do is to relax.

Relaxation will regulate the blood flow and help with taming the blood pressure.

Although you will still need to drink your meds or seek help, you should relax and take a deep breath as a first aid.

13. Have Sex

Have Sex

Well, this will probably be your most favorite of them all.

Sex is a form of exercise, too.

You get to move your body and burn your calories.

Yes, sex is healthy for the body.

During sex, the body releases hormones that can help regulate your blood flow.

A well-regulated hormone in the blood is healthy for the body and prevents high blood pressure.

Plain and simple: work on your high blood pressure, so that it would not overtake your sex drive.

High blood pressure is mostly a lifestyle disease.

Like most lifestyle diseases, you can prevent it or treat it through a change in lifestyle.

Changing your lifestyle will not only address your health problems, it will also have positive implications to your life, too.

For this instance, it will help bring back your sex drive.

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