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Improve Your Married Life: 6 Tips on How to Love Your Wife

tips on how to love your wife

If you have been married for some time, you might be on the verge of a relationship breakdown.

Many married couples complain how their relationships running out of steam and passion after some years together.

The husband and the wife who once shared a deep love and intimacy may slowly begin to drift apart until one day they feel like they are waking up next to a stranger.

No one gets married to be unhappy, so what can you possibly do to stop this from happening?

Is there a way to understand how to love your wife and keep your relationship happy?

Why Good Marriages Go Sour

Marriages Go Sour, divorce

One of the major reasons why romance dies after few years of marriage is because men and women are wired differently.

This is because men and women define romance differently.

There are a few things that a woman wishes her husband would know, even if her marriage is not particularly unhappy.

She may try her best to drop hints, desperately wishing her husband would pick them up.

Most men want to know the answer to the question, “How to love your wives; however, since like most men, you are not naturally equipped to pick up these hints, which may leave you utterly confused.

Do you feel like you continue to commit blunder after blunder, which frustrates your wife leaving you more confused than ever?

The market is flooded with material on topics like how to love your husband, how to love your husband according to the bible, and how to save your marriage, as women are the main consumers of articles like this.

Just like women, men need articles like this to help you decode the hints your wife may be making.

Keep reading, as you will find some valuable tips to reignite your marriage, and once again fill it with romance and intimacy.

1. How to Love Your Wife More: All About Affirmation

Love Your Wife More with Affirmation

To understand how to love your wife, know that your wife needs your affirmation each and every day.

Find ways to tell her you love and appreciate her as much as you can.

Your wife can never have too much affirmation.

If you want to understand how to love your wife, you must understand that women constantly feel that life is coming at them.

They fear that they are not measuring up to the expectations.

It is definitely not something that is comfortable to live with, and in today’s hectic world, it is only getting worse.

Your wife may ask the following questions:

  • Do you love me?

  • How much do you love me?

  • Will you still love me when I am old?

If she does, it is because she is seeking refuge from her fears, and hopes you would give her a romantic reply to these questions.

Just like anyone else, she wants you to love her unconditionally; therefore, it is important that you do not brush these questions aside or attempt to answer them objectively.

Instead, answer these questions with words of affirmation.

Many of you may wonder how to love your wife unconditionally.

More than loving her unconditionally, it is important to show her that you love her for who she is and do not want to change her.

Instead of being critical and demanding of her, try being more appreciative and encouraging.

Phrases that every wife wants to hear

Phrases every wife wants to hear

Here is a list of phrases that every wife wants to hear:

  • You are beautiful.

  • I appreciate and value the things you do for me

  • I like spending time with you.

  • You make me want to be a better man.

  • Our kids are so fortunate to have you as their mother.

  • You are as beautiful to me as the day we first met and will always remain so.

  • You are fun to be with.

  • I am thankful that you are my wife.

Never miss a chance to appreciate the things she does for you, the sacrifices she has made and the devotion she shows towards you.

A woman puts in a lot of effort in the marriage, and all she wants in return is for her husband to acknowledge that.

Love your wife.

Appreciating someone becomes easier when you truly love them.

By showing your appreciation, she will show hers for you, in turn.

Although it is not reasonable to paint everyone with the same brush, most men are generally not good at expressing their true feelings.

Expressing yourself may even feel quite awkward at first, but practice will make you perfect.

It may be hard for you to open up to your wife at first, but it will get easier and smoother with time.

Just keep trying.

The rewards are well worth it.

2. The Art of Affection: Showing Your Wife How Much You Love Her

show affection to wife by kissing etc

Touching each other is a critical part of a marriage.

Even science backs the importance of doing that in a relationship.

Your skin has thousands of microscopic nerve endings embedded in it.

Touching your partner stimulates these nerve endings to convey myriad feelings to your brain.

Taking the time out to touch each other helps to demonstrate physical intimacy.

It lets your wife know that she is the top-most priority in your life.

The physical contact generates a feeling of being loved.

It is one of the reasons why it is difficult to keep young couples who are dating apart; however, most married couples often forget the pleasures of physical contact.

Touching may not always mean having sex.

Not all, but most men are conditioned to turn to sex whenever they feel the need for intimacy.

But for women physical intimacy must also generate the feeling of closeness, trust, reassurance and security.

For them, simple non-sexual gestures like: hugging, kissing, holding hands and caressing can have the same effect as good sex.

Making Physical Contact

couple touch

Remember to make a physical contact when:

  • You Say Goodbye: Hug and kiss your wife in the morning before leaving for work.

    Taking that moment to plant a peck on your wife’s cheek while heading out of the door can mean a lot to her.

  • You Greet Her: Touching is a great way to greet each other.

    Hug or kiss your wife when you get back home or when you get up in the morning.

  • You are Lounging: Touching can help both of you relax.

    Try to get furniture that helps you stay close while lounging.

    Snuggling or simply touching legs or arms while watching a movie is a favorite pastime of happy couples.

  • Before Going to Sleep: Kiss or snuggle your wife goodnight.

    Even a quick kiss before falling asleep can work wonders for your relationship.

  • Spending Time Near Each Other: A spontaneous hug that dissolved everything around you can help you focus on each other.

    A hug shows her that you cherish her.

    It will put her mind that is searching for intimacy at rest, instantly.

Taking every opportunity you get to touch your wife shows that you are completely present in your relationship.

This knowledge will help strengthen your relationship with her.

3. Little Things Can Do Big Wonders: Ways to Pleasantly Surprise Her

surprise her with massage

There are millions of things you can do to brighten your wife’s day.

Every woman wishes for a man who is thoughtful.

Being considerate does not mean you have to book a candlelight dinner at an expensive restaurant every week.

Simple acts like offering to do the dishes for her or massaging her feet after a long day can make her feel loved.

Always look for ways to pleasantly surprise her.

Women want to be loved, noticed, cherished, pampered and cared for, but what they are craving is a little attention.

Ideas To Surprise Your Wife

surprise wife with flowers

Do some of these to surprise your wife:

  • Buy Her Flowers: Next time she sends you to the market to get the groceries, bring her a bunch of flowers.

    Almost all women love receiving flowers from their husbands.

  • Leave Notes for Her to Find: Surprise her with little notes like “I love you,” or “I like the way you make my life beautiful.”

    Leave them where she would find them when you are not around.

    Also, send her love letters.

  • Plan a Surprise Picnic: Pack some sandwiches and plan a surprise picnic.

    An impromptu getaway with your loved one is romantic.

  • Serve Her Breakfast in Bed: Spare her the ordeal of getting up early on a weekend to make breakfast.

    Surprise her by serving her breakfast while she is still in bed.

  • Write a Song or Poem for Her: If she is like most women, your wife loves something penned exclusively for her by her husband, no matter how shabby it is.

    You do not have to be a poet or a singer to do that and she would absolutely adore it.

    It is the thought that is important.

Think of ways to make your wife smile and make her feel that she is important to you.

Help her around the house by doing the laundry or taking the garbage out for her to show your love for her.

She needs to see your affection and appreciation, through your words and actions.

4. Carve Out Time for Your Wife

carve out time for wife

Finding time to be with one another is extremely important for a healthy relationship; however, it is not always an easy thing to do.

Often people get so involved in their busy schedules that they put each other at the bottom of their priority list.

This not only hampers the scope for communication between a husband and wife, but it also slowly leads them to drift apart.

If you are neglecting her needs, you are probably wondering how to love your wife when she hates you.

No wife wants to hate her husband, but resentment can build up if she feels left out of your life.

Your wife probably has some issues which you need to discuss with her.

Find time to talk to her about it.

To maintain a functional relationship, taking part in activities that help to intentionally make time for each other and build good communications between you and your wife is absolutely critical.

Ideas To Make Time For Your Wife

make time for wife by exercising together

Make time for your wife by doing these:

  • Find a Common Interest: If you and your wife have different hobbies, find something that you both enjoy.

    A shared hobby can help you enjoy the time that you spend with each other.

    Go biking, take a dance class, play an outdoor game or simply take a walk together.

    The experiences you share will help deepen your bond.

  • Have a Date Night Once a Month: Go on a date night every month.

    If you have kids, then arrange for a babysitter or someone who could watch over them while you take your wife out for a nice, romantic dinner.

  • Plan Quick Getaways with One Another: Seize a weekend to go out of town for a mini-vacation with your wife.

    Spending some time away from where you live can help relieve stress.

    If you can’t afford to go on a trip, plan a special dinner or even a backyard barbecue for the two of you, and cook for her.

    Quality time is the key here.

  • Set Aside Some Time Every Day to Talk to Each Other: A healthy marriage thrives on good communication.

    Take few minutes out of your day to discuss the day’s events with your wife.

    Use this distraction-free time to know how her day was.

    It is important that you let your wife know that you are there to listen.

Importance of Spending Time Together

spending time together to talk

Try not to do that over the phone.

There is no point in getting married and staying together if you cannot take out a few minutes every day to sit together for a little chat.

If she is like most women, she loves it when you share your day with her.

Remember that you and your wife must function as a team in order to have a happy marriage.

Spending time with your wife will help deepen your sense of connection, intimacy and also your friendship, too.

5. Tips to Spice Things Up for Her in the Bedroom

tips to spice things up in bedroom

Wonderful things happen to a wife when her husband makes love to her.

Her pupils dilate, heart rate increases, breasts grow by 25 percent, nipples increase by half an inch and blood rushes to her lips, nose and labia.

Women who enjoy sex live longer and retain their youthful glow for a longer period of time.

But that’s not all.

Men who have sex at least three times a week have a lower risk of heart attacks and strokes, so medically speaking, sex brings many advantages to your body.

To understand how to make love to your wife in a way that she would enjoy, sit her down and discuss your likes and dislikes.

One of the biggest reasons of partners cheating in a relationship is their expectations not being met in a proper way.

A wonderful sex is the strongest of all desires and you can tie your wife to yourself by giving her pleasure in bed.

Scientifically-Proven Ways To Enhance Sex Life

Try these to enhance your sex life:

  • Shave Your Beard: Studies have shown that most women do not prefer to have sex with men who have a thick, prickly growth of facial hair.

    It is best to be clean shaven, but if you do choose to keep your beard, trim it and keep it neat.

    Show your wife that you mean to continue looking good for her.

  • Take a Deep Breath and Relax: Your wife will enjoy making love to you more if you have a stress-free attitude.

    Research has concluded that men who have low stress levels are more attractive to women.

  • Talk Dirty to Her: How deep is your bond is revealed by how you choose to communicate.

    Let your wife know how you feel about the moves she makes in bed and if she is doing something right, appreciate her for it.

    Women like it when their husbands talk dirty, but do it respectfully.

  • Cuddle Her After Sex: Cuddling shows that you are special to the woman you just made love to.

    Cuddling after sex brings you emotionally closer to your wife as it shows her that you appreciate her.

    It also shows that your relation means a lot more to you than just sex.

By performing loving acts for your wife in bed, you can activate parts of her brain that are responsible for pleasure, joy and satisfaction.

6. Have Your Women’s Back: Value Her Opinions and Support Her Dreams

respect her

A wife desires respect from her husband.

In a successful marriage, a woman contributes just as much as a man does; therefore, she deserves to be respected by her husband the way she respects him.

To show your wife that you truly love her, respect her thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Ways to Show Love and Respect to Wife

support her dream
  • Show Her That You Are Faithful to Her: Do not compare her with another woman.

    Respect the fact that she is beautiful in her own way.

    Show her that you are monogamous and loyal to only her.

    A woman who feels safe and adored by her husband is able to give more to her marriage than a woman who feels threatened and insecure.

  • Support Her Dreams: All women have dreams.

    Make your wife’s dreams your priority.

    Encourage her to achieve her hopes and dreams.

    By supporting her aspirations, you are showing her that you respect her and think she is every bit capable as you are.

  • Seek Her Opinion in Every Decision You Make for Yourself and Your Family: Show your wife that you value her opinion.

    Respect her decision even if you do not agree with her.

    Discuss things respectfully with her for her place is right beside you as your life partner.

Understanding how to love your wife is all about understanding what your wife needs, and what women in general expect from their husbands.

If your marriage is falling apart, these tips will guide you to understand how to love your wife again.

Both persons need to work together to make their marriage successful.

If you invest some time and energy into your marriage, it will blossom leading to a healthier, more blissful life that both you and your wife can enjoy for a long, long time.

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