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What Turns Women On – 17 Weird Attractions That May Surprise You

what turns women on

By now you have probably read tons of articles and watched countless videos about what turns women on.

Like most men, you most likely want to up your game and make sure she notices you, so you equip yourself with the necessaries.

With so much information on your head, it might be challenging to filter that information and do something that truly works in turning women on.

VigRX Plus is a supplement designed to increase sex drive and performance.

But here’s the thing – you need a partner to get the most enjoyment out of this beloved supplement from Leading Edge Health.

Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, you need to know what turns women on.

We’re here to help you with that.

Check out these 17 weird, surprising, but effective attractions that will catch a woman’s attention.

Be sure to read right to the end, where you’ll find the weirdest attraction of them all.

1. Dress Your Best and the Women May Say Yes

Dress Your Best

When it comes to attraction, the physical appearance always deserves a spot in the list.

After all, this is the first thing women notice once you walk inside the room.

Therefore, dress your best and dress to impress.

Does this mean you should buy new clothes every time you plan to meet women?

The answer is no.

When you want dress to impress, here are some tips to remember:

  • Make sure your clothes are clean and presentable.

  • Dress according to the occasion and location.

    If the location requires black formal shoes, don’t show up in sneakers or loafers.

  • Groom your stubble beard, which you will learn more about below.

  • If you can, go for a brand or stick to basics.

    Don’t use your credit card to purchase a thousand-dollar suit.

2. Say Hello to the Sexy 10-Day Old Beard

light sexy beard

Women can be weird, especially when it comes to their preferences in men.

One of the weirdest but attractive ways to turn a woman on is by growing a light beard.

This means it is a cross between the clean shaven look and full beard look, also known as the 10-day beard.

Based on a 2013 study, men with 10-day beards were more attractive and helpful in turning a girl on.

This is because facial hair indicates masculinity and maturity, and also dominance and aggression.

Here’s how you can achieve the 10-day beard:

  • Keep your facial hair up to three to five millimeters only.

  • Use a razor and make sure you grab all hairs evenly.

  • Your upper cheeks must be clean and keep majority of your stubble near the bottom third of your face.

  • Maintain a clean shaven neckline.

  • Wash your stubble the same time you wash your face.

10-day old beard may be difficult to maintain, but the results will surely surprise you.

3. The Name Game in Relation to Women and Attraction

names in attraction game

It may seem like a way to differentiate you from other people, but believe it or not, your name means a lot, especially in the world of dating.

According to a study presented at the 2008 Edinburgh International Science Festival, your name could indicate your attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Richard Wiseman, the expert who led “The Name Experiment,” revealed the names Ryan, James and Jack are the most attractive names in the list.

On the other hand, Peter, Thomas and George are the least attractive names.

If you are neither Ryan, James, nor Jack, don’t fret.

You don’t need to change your name just to boost your attractiveness level.

There are many ways you can turn women on, so make sure you read this list until the end.

4. What Women Notice: Wearing Your Confidence Hat

attractive confident guy

Experts will go on and on about what turns a girl on, but being confident about yourself will never fail you.

Think about this: what turns you on are women who are confident and sure of themselves.

There is something sexy about women who know what they want that makes your knees weak.

The same goes for women.

Women don’t want to see you fidget, sweat profusely, and act anxious when talking to them.

On the other hand, they don’t like men who are confident to the point of being too full of themselves.

In other words, don’t reveal any nervousness or awkwardness when you are around a girl.

Consequently, don’t appear too airy when she is around.

Learn to strike a balance between being too shy and cocky.

When you do this, women will find you sexy.

After all, confidence is among the best traits on what turns women on sexually.

5. Master the Art of the Buildup: Take Your Time in the Process

make her laugh

Finally, you caught her attention and to your surprise, she started talking to you.


This doesn’t mean you should ask for her number or invite her somewhere more “quiet.”

The main key in turning a girl on is by taking your time.

Keep in mind that what turns women on in bed is when you take it slow and steady.

The question is how do you do it?

Here are tips on how to master the art of buildup – and turn women on:

  • Greet her nicely.

  • Make her feel pretty by giving her a compliment.

  • When touching her, make sure you touch her arm and lower back – for now.

  • Give her a good laugh.

    A great sense of humor is one of the weird but effective attractions, which you will learn more about in the succeeding section.

  • Seek consent before doing anything.

Sex is a mental game for females.

Once you made them feel comfortable and at ease with you, you’ve won half the battle.

Read on to find out how you could win the other half.

6. Just Smile: How Your Sense of Humor May Save the Day

Who would you rather have as a friend: someone who is negative all the time, or someone who laughs and finds the funny side of life?

Most of the time, you want the funny guy to be part of your group to keep things light and amusing.

Imagine what it’s like for women.

According to a study conducted by researchers from University of Mexico, a sense of humor is among the key factors in boosting your attractiveness levels.

A man’s sense of humor is deeply rooted in sexual selection, which signifies intelligence and creativity.

As a result, women believe that funny men are better long-term partners.

Can you imagine a relationship without laughter?

You might say that you are not a natural comedian, but everyone can be more positive.

Here are tips to help you boost your humorous side:

  • Keep yourself motivated by telling yourself how funny you are.

  • Focus on relatable subjects.

  • Examine your audience before you deliver a joke. This will avoid awkwardness or offending someone by your jokes.

  • Make yourself the target of your jokes, not others.

  • Choose the right timing for when you can be funny.

  • Deliver your lines with confidence.

It’s okay if you don’t make it the first time. Practice makes perfect.

7. What Women Love: Show Her Your Soft, Emotional Side

man show emotional side

Women love men who exude masculinity.

They want someone who can make them feel protected and, most of the time, in control of the situation.

What turns women on is when they feel safe in your arms.

Here is the surprising part: showing your soft, emotional side might be the trick on how to turn women on.

No, it is not a sign of weakness.

Revealing a soft and comforting side of you is one of the simplest and most effective ways in turning women on.

You are not afraid to hide your emotions and it sends a message to the woman that despite your macho appearance, you are also sensitive deep down.

This creates a comfortable environment, which is crucial in turning women on.

In other words, don’t be afraid to show your soft side.

There is nothing wrong with being the emotional guy, which leads you to the next tip.

8. A Biggie for Her: Providing a Safe and Comfortable Environment

make her feel safe and comfortable

Are you willing to open up, share, and reveal a certain side of you to someone you are not comfortable with?

Even if you are after the three-letter word, you still want to create a comfortable environment to make the experience more pleasurable and fulfilling.

You might ask why.

Believe it or not, women these days are more open-minded sexually.

Nonetheless, they want to make sure that they are safe before saying yes to taking their clothes off.

This is why it is important to genuinely make a woman feel safe and comfortable around you.

Make her feel that her comfort and safety is your priority.

Once you made her feel that way, then you might be on your road to somewhere more quiet and private.

9. Prove That Chivalry is Not Dead, Especially for You

man carry girl

They say chivalry is dead.

Women are fighting for equal rights, showing the world that they can do things men do.

Some don’t even appreciate what men are doing for them.

As a result, chivalry is slowly losing its way in the society.

Despite the drive for independent women, prove to her that there are still men out there who will rescue a damsel in distress.

Consequently, here are some chivalrous things you can do for her:

  • Open the door and let her in first.

  • Pull out her seat.

  • Be courteous.

  • Continue being nice and polite to her.

  • While in a restaurant, ask her what she wants and order for her.

  • Give her your coat if she said she feels cold.

In other words, treat her like a lady.

In case she didn’t show any appreciation or rolls her eyes every time you open the door for her, cut down your chivalrous moves.

She might not be one of those women who wants to be treated like a princess.

10. It’s Time to Turn Up the Heat: What Turns Women On

hold her hand

You caught her attention, you showed her some chivalrous moves, and you are sure that there is a slight chance she might be into you because of the way she moves around you.

What’s your next step?

Turn up the heat to boost your game.

What turns women on visually is what they see on the outside.

To increase your chances of attraction, you need to master these moves:

  • Start with slow and gentle touches on her arm or back.

  • If she starts to be a bit touchy, it’s okay to whisper in her ear.

    This is useful if you are in places with loud music and you can’t hear each other clearly.

  • Touch the back of her neck.

  • Hold her wrists or hand.

  • Lay your hand on top of her thigh.

  • Play with her hair.

When you do any of these acts, make sure to pay attention to how she will react.

If she seems receptive, then tone down a bit and look for other opportunities where you can be touchy.

Remember: her body language will tell you if she’s game or not.

In case she’s not yet ready, don’t force the issue.

11. A Big Attraction: Just Ask What Your Woman Wants

ask what she wants

There will be countless tips on to help you understand what turns women on physically and emotionally.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to a woman’s own set of preferences.

Don’t be like most men who assume that they know what women want.

In other words, ask.

Every woman is unique.

Before you do anything, always ask for her consent, especially when you felt the urge to touch her in certain areas.

If she says yes, then go ahead.

Otherwise, drop it.

It is considered sexual assault and the last thing you want to do that night is to pay for your bail.

Assuming she said yes, make an effort to ask her what she wants and what turns her on in bed.

This sends a message that you care about her needs and you are serious about satisfying her sexually.

Now that you’re in this phase, make sure you are ready.

VigRX Plus is a male enhancement supplement clinically shown to increase sexual satisfaction by 71.43 percent and a boost in your overall sex drive and desire by 47 percent.

Keep reading to learn more techniques on what turns a girl on.

12. Get Her Attention by Befriending a Little Man or a Dog

man befriending dog

Fine, babies and building your own family might not be your priority at this point in your life.

Still, admit it.

You can’t help but smile every time you see a baby smiling or cooing.

According to a French study, men who played and are nice to babies were three times more likely to get a woman’s phone number – and her attention – compared to those who don’t even bother to glance.

In case they saw you smiling, playing, and cooing with babies, they are even more willing to say hello to you.

Let’s say you are not fond of babies.

That’s fine.

There is still similar attraction if they saw you with a dog.

In another study, researchers revealed that men use their pets to attract a possible sexual partner.

The reason for these two scenarios is the same.

Playing with either a baby or a dog provides subtle cues of you being a potential parent.

It signifies your openness to have kids and build a family.

Consequently, being a pet-owner needs attention and care, which is another way of showing you are willing to take responsibility.

Your guy friends may be there for you anytime, but your best wingman might be either wearing a diaper or sporting four legs.

13. What’s Sexy: Showing Her You Are in Control of Your Life

man in control

By now, you have an idea, or at least working on your dream life.

You have a job you can proudly say you worked hard for, good enough savings, a place of your own, driving your own car, and a pretty good life.

In other words, you have a balanced life.

Did you know that this could be attractive to women?

What turns women on is a man who is in control of his life.

Women want stability, maturity, and certainty when it comes to choosing their partners.

They want men who know what they want and not a boy who is trying to figure out this thing called life.

If you are able to show you figured out what you want to do, don’t be surprised to see a smile on her face.

Admit it.

What turns you on is a woman who knows what she wants, as well.

14. Throw in Some Sweat and She Might be the Happiest Woman in the World

exercise sweat

Exercise brings tons of health benefits.

It helps you lose extra pounds, builds muscles, and keeps you fit and healthy.

Here is the surprising part: your sweat is one of the reasons why women are attracted to you.

It turns out that a man’s sweat releases androstadienone.

It is a type of pheromone that directly affects a woman’s mood, mostly in a good way.

Believe it or not, a whiff of your sweat could boost her sexual desire and get her in the mood.

This could be a good excuse to hit the gym and who knows, you might meet someone there.

Another reminder: just because a woman can get turned on with a man’s sweat, this doesn’t mean you can stop showering and wear sweaty clothes as much as you can.

Hygiene is still crucial in attraction and the cleaner you are, the higher your chances of turning women on.

Just a whiff is enough to awaken her senses and that’s it.

Make sure you shower regularly.

15. Expand Your Horizon and Read Books Whenever You Can

read book attractive

Did you know that there is an Instagram account dedicated for men who read books?

It might sound weird, but women find attractive when men holds a book and actually reads it.

Books are important tools.

Aside from providing you with entertainment, it enhances your knowledge and gets your imagination working.

Some researchers also claim that what you read during your childhood could also change who you are in the process.

What does it have to do with attraction?

Women find it hot, it’s as simple as that.

16. Be Proud to Be a Mama’s Boy

proud mama's boy

When you were younger, showing affection and admiration for your mom is a sign of weakness.

Not anymore.

You may not notice, but your relationship with your mom says a lot on how you treat women.

If you are able to treat your mother with respect, then it means you were raised well and you can do the same treatment to other women.

Nonetheless, know when to strike a balance between your admiration and obsession for your mother.

If you constantly seek advice and compare women to your mother, then you’re not making a good impression.

You are also creating a competition on who’s better, which is not healthy in the relationship.

17. The Good Dad: Another Weird Attraction That Works Every Time

good dad attractive

Have you seen Anna Faris’ post where she shared her typical night with husband Chris Pratt, their son Jack, and dog Bonzo?

Chris Pratt is wearing a long-sleeve shirt, but there is something about him that makes him appealing and attractive on women.

There is a reason why women find playing with babies and walking the dog attractive.

It shows you have a sense of responsibility and you care about other people – and animals – because you have the guts to be responsible for your actions.

Once you show you can take responsibility, it could be a good sign that you’re in it for keeps.

Women can be weird, but this doesn’t mean you can’t decode them.

Take note of these 17 characteristics of what turns women on and use them to your advantage.

Go ahead and take it one step at a time.

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